Menopause Reimagined with Andrea Donsky

Episode #7: Bra Shopping: Everything You Need To Know About Bras

November 02, 2020 Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer
Menopause Reimagined with Andrea Donsky
Episode #7: Bra Shopping: Everything You Need To Know About Bras
Show Notes

Randi and Rhonda, owners of Legs Plus Inc. and Bra Boutique in Toronto, have been selling bras for 38 years. They share their expertise on finding the right fit for your bra, bra accessories, shapewear and undergarments, the absolute do’s and don’ts when it comes to bras, bras, and self-confidence, and the sisterhood of traveling bras- how they give back one bra at a time. #moprhus #perimenopause #menopause

* Recorded before Covid-19.

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Lift The Bra Project:


0:35 Proper bra size and fit
2:50 Why bra fit is so important
4:24 Wearing the right size bra for the right outfit
5:19 Questions to consider when shopping for a bra
7:15 Bra accessories
7:16 "Strap Doctor" to prevent your bra strap from slipping off your shoulder
9:07 How long should we keep our bras
10:50 The sisterhood of the traveling bras
12:08 Our emotional connection to our bras
16:40 Bras and our self-confidence
17:45 Undergarments and shapewear
19:25 Bra minimizer
20:20 Size ranges in bras
21:42: Self-care
23:19 When and how often we should wash our bras
26:08 The Lift Bra Project and Free The Girls (how to recycle your bra)
28:40 Randi and Rhonda’s story


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