Menopause Reimagined with Andrea Donsky

Episode #25: Menopause and a Healthy Heart

November 20, 2020 Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer
Menopause Reimagined with Andrea Donsky
Episode #25: Menopause and a Healthy Heart
Show Notes

Andrea Donsky interviews @Julie Daniluk , Holistic Nutritionist, Award-Winning Author, TV Host and Food and Lifestyle Expert. Julie shares her personal heart health scare, her new book, Healing the Hormonal Heart and the importance of a healthy heart in menopause. She also shares the right foods, supplements, lifestyle and mental health tips to keep your heart healthy.

Why You Need Genetic Testing in Perimenopause and Menopause:

Julie Daniluk's Website:
Healing The Hormonal Heart Book:

1:04 Julie's personal heart scare
5:24 Genetics, HRT and bio-identical hormones
7:31 Why do women take HRT or bio-identical hormones
9:24 Understanding the role of our adrenals
12:35 The importance of embracing physical fitness
16:08 Heart healthy foods and supplements
22:32 Hot flashes and food
27:30 Heart variability, mediation and breathing
29:19 The right breathing technique
30:48 Magnesium and heart hearth
33:47 Emotional trauma and heart health
38:07 Menopause and the ability to experience amazing transformations
37:18 Julie's menopausal experience and symptoms


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